Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society
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DRBK’s Amy Tiemann will report soon on what she learned as a member of UNC’s Title IX Task Force on Sexual Assault

Chancellor Carol Folt of the University of North Carolina has just released the new policy on how the school will handle reports of sexual assault among students. I am proud to have served on the UNC Title IX Task Force that spent a year working on revisions to recommend to the Chancellor. We underwent a rigorous collaborative process bringing together a group of 22 people representing many different perspectives on UNC. I served as the representative of the larger Chapel Hill community. We... Read more

White House Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault: Now is our best opportunity for progress and change

We are at a crossroads moment to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The combination of bottom-up pressure from grassroots activists, many of them assault survivors themselves who have courageously stepped forward, and top-down leadership from the Department of Education and White House has created a unique moment for reform in the area of campus sexual assault. We know that bold action and improvement is vitally needed, as one in five women will experience sexual assault during her... Read more

Best Practices for Teachers, Coaches and More: How Can I Avoid Being Accused of Abuse? 7 Guidelines from Kidpower

Grandparents, teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, health professionals, and other caregivers sometimes ask us, “How can I protect myself from a child getting upset with me and accusing me of abuse?” This is a common worry. In fact, we have led workshops for physical and occupational therapists who often have to touch kids in ways the kids hate, and these kids will sometimes complain that they are being abused. Sadly, because of worries about damage to their reputation, some adults feel... Read more

Analyzing camp safety concerns: Spence’s Farm

How should parents analyze the safety of potential summer camps and programs for their kids? What are the positive signs, or on the other hand, red flags and dealbreakers to look out for? There is an emerging story in my home town that is a troubling case study. Before we get into this specific story, I’ll recap some of my core principles of camp safety, which are also discussed in detail in last summer’s camp safety blog post. I believe that all youth-serving programs must be... Read more

Addressing the conflict within self-defense: how to empower without blaming victims

There is an inherent tension in self-defense instruction: how can we teach students skills to help them stay safe, and teach them in a way that does not blame them if they ever are attacked? This is an ongoing issue that we should keep our eyes on in any program, as a teacher, student or community member. There is no one good set of answers, or one solution that will fit each person or situation. This conversation exploded online recently after Emily Yoffe of Slate wrote an article headlined:... Read more

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