Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Summer Safety: Kidpower’s 8 Questions to Ask When Planning a Playdate

Long, long ago, my best friend as a young child was my next door neighbor. We would go freely back and forth to each other’s homes, playing vivid imaginary games, being animals, princesses, and magical creatures of all kinds. Unfortunately, we often left our younger siblings out – or forced them to be the enemies who always lost or the maids who always did all the dirty work. And once in a while, we did something that I would never have allowed my own kids to do because it was just... Read more

Launching new resources in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we are using this occasion to share new resources with our Doing Right by Our Kids readers. We are relaunching our Doing Right by Our Kids newsletter by sharing the Kidpower 30-skill challenge with our subscribers. So when you sign up to receive to our newsletter, you’ll receive one Kidpower safety skill per week, plus other important safety information (but never more than two emails a week from us). Throughout April and beyond we will... Read more

The deep gladness of teaching personal safety through Kidpower and Doing Right by Our Kids

My New Year’s Day meditation has me thinking about a quote from the theologian Frederick Buechener that leads us to find “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” That brings me to and Kidpower. My collaborator and Kidpower Executive Director Irene van der Zande recently sent me this photo that reminds me how much joy and gladness there is in teaching Kidpower. I see the smiles on our faces and remember the fun we had... Read more

Video: Origins of Kidpower and Introducing Doing Right by Our Kids

Our goal with Doing Right by Our Kids is to protect and promote child safety at all levels of society. We start with what parents and kids can do, then add on schools, sports teams, community groups, faith-based organizations, and walk up the ladder of change all the way to laws that protect us all. Project co-creator Irene van der Zande and I have made a series of short videos to introduce our work and to share specific skills. We’ll post them here periodically. The first video in... Read more

Review of Dateline NBCs show My Kid Would Never Do That

As parents, we teach our kids safety rules, but what would our kids do if they were actually faced with an enticing lure from a “friendly” stranger? That is the compelling question posed by Dateline NBC’s new hidden-camera series “My Kid Would Never Do That.” I share my collaborator Irene van der Zande’s concerns about using staged situations to test kids on safety rules. This practice has a lot of problems and I do NOT recommend that parents try to create... Read more

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