Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

White House Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault: Now is our best opportunity for progress and change

We are at a crossroads moment to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The combination of bottom-up pressure from grassroots activists, many of them assault survivors themselves who have courageously stepped forward, and top-down leadership from the Department of Education and White House has created a unique moment for reform in the area of campus sexual assault. We know that bold action and improvement is vitally needed, as one in five women will experience sexual assault during her... Read more

Martin Luther King’s courage and vision

Dr. Martin Luther King’s courage and vision seem even more vital this year. Since he died in April 1968, before I was born, truthfully it has always been difficult for me to see him as anything other than an historical icon. But this year, as we as a nation are still mourning the recent shootings in Tuscon, somehow that tragedy has made Dr. King’s courage to stand up for his vision of a better society seem even more real–remembering that he was a minister, a father, a... Read more