Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Join us for International Child Protection Month–Global activities going on through September is proud to be an official partner of International Child Protection Month, a new collaborative effort led by Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International. I had a real taste of international leadership this July when I participated in Kidpower’s three-day Child Protection Institute training in California. Child safety advocates came from as far away as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, and India. This immersive workshop allowed each participant to learn and practice core Kidpower skills for use back in their home countries and organizations. I loved this quote from participant Zara, a Red Cross Trainer:

I first learned about Kidpower when I worked as a Child Protection programme manager in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon some years ago. I had the opportunity to invite a Kidpower trainer to work with the social workers who were part of the programme.

After observing the workshop, I was convinced that this was the missing link in the programme and that I needed to learn more about Kidpower. While observing the Kidpower workshop, I couldn’t help but think: “How I wish someone had taught me this when I was a kid!” Many of the social workers felt the same way. On a professional level, I realised that this is what had been missing in our programme. Instead of talking about child protection systems and the impact of child abuse, here was a trainer showing the social workers what to DO about it. They practised how to intervene and make a real difference in their daily work with children. It was so empowering.

I am hoping to introduce Kidpower skills from the Institute in the Child Resilience trainings we do for Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteers all over the world, so they can pass on their skills to children living in conflict/disaster affected communities.

I had been talking with Irene about the best way to communicate what International Child Protection Month is all about, and to me, Zara’s story says it all! We can harness the power of adult leadership for child safety, and share it all around the world!

Visit to learn more about all the activities that are being shared this month. Consider making the “Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment” to all the young people in your life. Doing so is a powerful first step!

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