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New video: Kidpower Story of Empowering Kids To Stop Bullying, Abuse and Violence

Congratulations to Kidpower for the brand new new video that demonstrates their safety training in action: empowering kids to stop bullying, abuse and violence. We hope you’ll watch the video and share it! Kidpower teaches kids many safety strategies by having them practice skills based on the simple yet powerful principles, “Be aware, take charge, and get help.” This video was produced for Kidpower’s One Million Safer Kids campaign by Storytellers for Good. Learn... Read more

STOP THE BUS! Bullying of Karen Klein, Bus Monitor — What Needs To Change

This gut-wrenching video (posted below) shows Karen Klein, a school bus monitor who was being cruelly bullied to the point of tears by four middle school boys. After one of the teens posted a video on You Tube, it went viral. Watching this video makes me want to stand up and shout, “STOP THE BUS!” While I am glad that this grandmother of 8, who has faced much hardship in her life, has received a worldwide outpouring of support, this story shows us in a dramatic way what needs to... Read more

Five Actions Adults Can Take NOW to Protect Kids From Bullying

This is the third in a three-part series of posts since watching the “Bully” documentary. My “Bully” movie review called for the need to turn “watching the movie into positive action.” It’s clear that people need practical solutions and actions that they can take to help stop bullying. Here’s a place to start: As the movie “Bully” shows, the misery caused by bullying is an emergency. Emergencies require urgent action. If every adult were to take the following five actions... Read more

“Bully”: Can Watching This Powerful Movie Make a Difference?

While watching the movie “Bully,” I was deeply saddened by the vivid stories about the suffering, despair, and everlasting grief caused by bullying. The filmmakers have made an outstanding tool for building awareness and motivating people to feel that bullying is unacceptable. This intimate look into the lives of families devastated by the loss of kids who have taken their lives after being bullied, the struggles of kids dealing with bullying, and the frustration of their parents, is... Read more

Kidpower response to the documentary “Bully”–part 1 of 3

One occupational hazard of teaching “People Safety” skills is that I cannot watch a movie without wanting to coach the characters to make better choices. I would not have been able to endure the filming and directing necessary to create a movie like “Bully.” Instead, I would have felt compelled to try to change the stories as they were unfolding in front of me by providing guidance, support, and advocacy to stop the bullying. Even with fictional films, I find it hard to resist speaking... Read more

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