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Summer safety: choosing a summer camp or recreation program

School is out and kids are fanning across the community, joining programs such as summer camps and sports teams. This year I have noticed advertisements for all sorts of camps popping up. More and more businesses seem to be adding a camp component to their offerings. Bowling camp, martial arts programs expanded to summer camps, and even computer gaming camp caught my attention, and, to be honest, my concern in some cases. It is one thing to take your child bowling as a family, or attend a... Read more

We need churches to Put Safety First, but we are not all on the same page yet

The whole concept of child safety can truly be stated in essence, “Put Safety First,” which sounds so simple, but can actually be very difficult to achieve. One of the biggest obstacles is figuring out what to do when you find you are part of an organization that is failing to do all it can to protect children. I believe very strongly that in that case there is no choice to stand by and do nothing. So when you find yourself in this situation,you either need to do all you can to... Read more

After Catholic Church, Penn State, Boy Scouts revelations–are we finally on the verge of a great awakening about sexual abuse?

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.” –Ayn Rand I am not an Ayn Rand fan but this morning I keep thinking about her quote. It is appropriate for today’s news as we take a look at sexual abuse that was covered up for years. Last week, by court order, the Boy Scouts of America released their decades’ worth of secret “perversion files” that contained reports of thousands of instances of child sexual abuse... Read more

Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Response: Much Too Late and Still Too Little

Most of the Boy Scouts I know are incredibly honorable people. They are horrified by the reports of thousands of men who abused kids between 1947 and 2005 through relationships developed from their role as Boy Scout leaders and volunteers – and by the fact that failure of the Boy Scouts of America to report these pedophiles has put other kids at risk. So far, the Boy Scouts of America has partially addressed the issue by removing these people from their organization and recently enacting... Read more

Fake raid turned real guns on teens–what was this church thinking?

Shocking story: a church in Pennsylvania created a “learning exercise” in which youth were led to believe they were being kidnapped at gunpoint. They were abducted by armed men, had pillow cases put over their heads and were thrown into a van. They were driven to the pastor’s house where it appeared that the pastor was being beaten bloody by their captors. It was all staged as an “exercise” that was suppose to teach them about religious persecution of... Read more

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