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White House Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault: Now is our best opportunity for progress and change

We are at a crossroads moment to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The combination of bottom-up pressure from grassroots activists, many of them assault survivors themselves who have courageously stepped forward, and top-down leadership from the Department of Education and White House has created a unique moment for reform in the area of campus sexual assault. We know that bold action and improvement is vitally needed, as one in five women will experience sexual assault during her... Read more

Launching new resources in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we are using this occasion to share new resources with our Doing Right by Our Kids readers. We are relaunching our Doing Right by Our Kids newsletter by sharing the Kidpower 30-skill challenge with our subscribers. So when you sign up to receive to our newsletter, you’ll receive one Kidpower safety skill per week, plus other important safety information (but never more than two emails a week from us). Throughout April and beyond we will... Read more

Sexual assault in the military: still a national disgrace

The issue of sexual assault in the military is a national disgrace, and today the news spotlight is shining on this issue. The Pentagon is preparing to release an annual report about sexual misconduct in the military, which tells the results of a survey of military personnel that found that incidences of “unwanted sexual contact” were up by 33% in the past two years, from 19,300 to 26,000 now. Whether this increase can be in any way attributed to an increase in reporting, rather... Read more

Marathon bomber’s friends arrested for cover up: dramatic example of peer pressure gone wrong

I am just getting back from a week of Kidpower/Teenpower instructor training in Santa Cruz California. We have been teaching young teenagers how to resist peer pressure, including an instance where a friend asks them to cover up for them. Now comes the dramatic headline news that three buddies of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are facing federal charges for helping Tsarnaev hide the evidence of his crimes–even after they came to believe that he was involved in the bombings. This was a monumental... Read more

Rehtaeh’s devastated father: My daughter was disappointed to death

There has been so much tragic news lately that it is hard to even keep up. But I can hardly think of a story that has saddened me more than that of 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons’ suicide, which happened this week, seventeen months after reporting being gang raped by four schoolmates. After her reported sexual assault, Rehtaeh was revictimized by her attackers spreading photos of her rape on social media that went viral. Even with those photographs in circulation, which you would think... Read more

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