Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

5. Get involved in making our world a better place

Kidpower post-election safety tip #5: Get involved in making our world a better place. Join with others to support causes that are important to you in ways that work well in your life. To me, working with Kidpower is more important than ever as we strive to move forward as a country. As the saying goes, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” I am deeply grateful to each of you for how, through Kidpower, we have lit and are lighting countless candles of greater safety,... Read more

Celebrate PRIDE Week Safely and with Confidence

Recently, I had a very poignant conversation with a man in his 50s who told me, “I grew up in a small rural town where no one had ever mentioned the possibility of my being attracted to someone of the same sex. At that time, even our church didn’t preach against it. Of course homosexuality wasn’t visible on TV, and we didn’t have the Internet. At about the age of 12, I realized that my feelings were different than the other boys, at least as far as I knew. I thought that... Read more