Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Kids and sports: staying true to our core values in a sports-crazed world

Athletic competition gives us an important window into American society. Whether it takes place on a tennis court, soccer field, track and field, in a swimming pool, hockey rink, baseball diamond, or football stadium, many Americans are sports-crazed society. Living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I see every day how our powerhouse college basketball team, the pride of UNC, shapes important aspects of the University of North Carolina, the town of Chapel Hill, and even our state’s laws and... Read more

A timely reminder: “No forced kisses” –how to support your child’s boundaries during the holidays

Some relationship scenarios seem to be evergreen issues that come up year after year. Every time the holidays roll around, our children have grown and may have different feelings about showing affection with family members than they did last year. Here are ways to support kids’ boundaries around affection over the holidays, and ways to discuss this issue with confidence, respect and compassion with family members. This is a repost of the article No Forced Kisses for Your Kids: A... Read more

Talking to kids about touch and safety doesn’t have to be scary

As parents we know that it’s up to us to talk to our kids about the safety rules about touch and boundaries. This can be an intimidating process for parents, but it doesn’t have to be scary. This conversation can be difficult because often parents don’t know what to say. Kidpower founder Irene van der Zande and I are working on providing resources to help guide you through this process. Here on the Doing Right by Our Kids website, we have just released a free “Talking... Read more

Our Holiday Boundaries post on TODAY Moms

Our new blog on has not even officially launched yet, but I am proud to have contributed this post on “Why ‘give grandma a kiss’ can be bad for kids” to the TODAYMoms blog, about setting respectful (and respected) holiday boundaries with all family members. I drew on the great advice from Kidpower and their senior instructor Erika Leonard. I highly recommend Erika’s complete article, “Holiday Boundaries ~ Protecting Children’s... Read more