Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Kids and sports: staying true to our core values in a sports-crazed world

Athletic competition gives us an important window into American society. Whether it takes place on a tennis court, soccer field, track and field, in a swimming pool, hockey rink, baseball diamond, or football stadium, many Americans are sports-crazed society. Living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I see every day how our powerhouse college basketball team, the pride of UNC, shapes important aspects of the University of North Carolina, the town of Chapel Hill, and even our state’s laws and... Read more

Universities realize that they are youth-serving organizations: a starting point for creating safety policies

The Penn State child abuse scandal opened the eyes of college administrators across the country. How could Jerry Sandusky molest children for more than a decade within programs that operated in the facilities of the revered Penn State football program? The answer to that question is a complicated one to be explored elsewhere, but the scandal has made colleges and universities across the country aware that the are actually youth-serving institutions as well. This is a real wake-up call,... Read more

Kipower and the Postive Coaching alliance: Free Webinars on Fighting Child Abuse In Youth Sports

Kidpower is pleased to be partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide two FREE webinars in February on how to protect kids from child abuse in youth sports. The webinars will provide practical advice and tools to help coaches, youth leaders, and parents take charge of the safety of children in their care and take positive, effective action to prevent abuse and bullying. We would appreciate your help in letting people know about these important free opportunities by sharing... Read more

“You Don’t Know What To Do” – Interview alleging abuse by AAU President Bobby Dodd

I just watched this ESPN interview about sexual abuse allegations brought forward by two men against Amateur Athletic Union President Bobby Dodd. In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky story, they decided to speak up about what happened to them in the ’80′s when he was their YMCA coach and they were young teens. According to USA Today, the AAU removed Dodd from his position days after it found out about the allegations and weeks before it was contacted by ESPN last month. I remember the surge... Read more

Safety at all levels and the Penn State football sex abuse scandal

Penn State’s football program is legendary, and you can imagine how powerful a winning coach at Penn State is. Jerry Sandusky was winning coach at Penn State for thirty years, and he also ran a charity that served at-risk children. Now he is accused of being a serial child abuser who raped boys. This truly disturbing story is being analyzed from many angles, but the one I want to focus on is the idea of “child safety at all levels of society” that we discuss here on... Read more