Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Creating a Positive Social Climate, starting with the Kidpower Climate Check-In

Our physical and social climates impact our quality of life. As individual people, we cannot control the weather outside, but we can decide what kinds of protection we use to be safer and more comfortable. We can’t control physical pollution as individuals, but we can each decide what levels and forms of pollution we are willing to tolerate or produce. As leaders responsible for the well-being of others, particularly young people, we have significant power to affect the social climate. ... Read more

Our Holiday Boundaries post on TODAY Moms

Our new blog on has not even officially launched yet, but I am proud to have contributed this post on “Why ‘give grandma a kiss’ can be bad for kids” to the TODAYMoms blog, about setting respectful (and respected) holiday boundaries with all family members. I drew on the great advice from Kidpower and their senior instructor Erika Leonard. I highly recommend Erika’s complete article, “Holiday Boundaries ~ Protecting Children’s... Read more