Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Kids and sports: staying true to our core values in a sports-crazed world

Athletic competition gives us an important window into American society. Whether it takes place on a tennis court, soccer field, track and field, in a swimming pool, hockey rink, baseball diamond, or football stadium, many Americans are sports-crazed society. Living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I see every day how our powerhouse college basketball team, the pride of UNC, shapes important aspects of the University of North Carolina, the town of Chapel Hill, and even our state’s laws and... Read more

Good news about teens online: the Opposite of Cyber-Bullying

We hear so much about online problems and cyberbullying tragedies. But the internet itself is not necessarily a bad thing, and can even offer a lifeline of support to a distraught teen. My Doing Right by Our Kids co-author Irene van der Zande reports an online success story at the Kidpower blog: “There’s a lot to live for, even if maybe you can’t see it right now. Please don’t go yet!” These heartfelt words are from a teen reaching out to try to stop another teen from committing... Read more

Video: Origins of Kidpower and Introducing Doing Right by Our Kids

Our goal with Doing Right by Our Kids is to protect and promote child safety at all levels of society. We start with what parents and kids can do, then add on schools, sports teams, community groups, faith-based organizations, and walk up the ladder of change all the way to laws that protect us all. Project co-creator Irene van der Zande and I have made a series of short videos to introduce our work and to share specific skills. We’ll post them here periodically. The first video in... Read more

Parents: here’s a positive step you can take today to prevent child abuse

This week I feel completely overwhelmed by all the bad news about child abuse that is happening all at once. Between the Miramonte School abuse case and Josh Powell murdering of his sons, not to mention the continuing discussions about the Penn State abuse scandal and others, it can feel like too much to take in and process. But we as parents can’t afford to shut down, either. Tonight there is a positive and productive step you can take, a training that I highly recommend: Kidpower... Read more

Kipower and the Postive Coaching alliance: Free Webinars on Fighting Child Abuse In Youth Sports

Kidpower is pleased to be partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide two FREE webinars in February on how to protect kids from child abuse in youth sports. The webinars will provide practical advice and tools to help coaches, youth leaders, and parents take charge of the safety of children in their care and take positive, effective action to prevent abuse and bullying. We would appreciate your help in letting people know about these important free opportunities by sharing... Read more

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