Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

5. Get involved in making our world a better place

Kidpower post-election safety tip #5: Get involved in making our world a better place. Join with others to support causes that are important to you in ways that work well in your life. To me, working with Kidpower is more important than ever as we strive to move forward as a country. As the saying goes, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” I am deeply grateful to each of you for how, through Kidpower, we have lit and are lighting countless candles of greater safety,... Read more

After Catholic Church, Penn State, Boy Scouts revelations–are we finally on the verge of a great awakening about sexual abuse?

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.” –Ayn Rand I am not an Ayn Rand fan but this morning I keep thinking about her quote. It is appropriate for today’s news as we take a look at sexual abuse that was covered up for years. Last week, by court order, the Boy Scouts of America released their decades’ worth of secret “perversion files” that contained reports of thousands of instances of child sexual abuse... Read more

Video podcast: Lessons of Penn State abuse case

In their latest video podcast, co-creators Amy Tiemann and Irene van der Zande discuss the Penn State child abuse scandal; Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky; what it means for organizations to protect child safety, and how parents and other concerned helps can get help and be persistent when they suspect a problem. The crimes at Penn State, which should have been stopped as early as 1998 and 2001, were able to continue until Sandusky’s conviction last month of 45... Read more

Parents: here’s a positive step you can take today to prevent child abuse

This week I feel completely overwhelmed by all the bad news about child abuse that is happening all at once. Between the Miramonte School abuse case and Josh Powell murdering of his sons, not to mention the continuing discussions about the Penn State abuse scandal and others, it can feel like too much to take in and process. But we as parents can’t afford to shut down, either. Tonight there is a positive and productive step you can take, a training that I highly recommend: Kidpower... Read more

Kidpower’s Three Essential Strategies to Prevent Bullying From Killing More Kids

At Kidpower, we believe that adults are in charge of keeping kids safe. Here are three strategies that adults can use to prevent bullying from killing more kids: 1. Schools must implement an INTELLIGENT plan of action that requires kids to treat others with respect. If your co-worker tells you to go kill yourself because you don’t deserve to live, he or she’ll most likely get fired. But if your co-worker’s kid tells your kid the same thing, too often nothing happens. You get what you... Read more

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