Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

4. Use and provide Kidpower skills for emotional and physical safety

Kidpower post-election safety tip #4: Use and provide Kidpower skills for emotional and physical safety Learn, teach, and coach social and physical safety skills, such as how to: speak up in ways that are both powerful and respectful; manage your emotional triggers; protect yourself from verbal and physical attacks; recognize and leave an unsafe situation; set boundaries about unsafe or disrespectful behavior; respect the boundaries of others; and get help when you need it. Rehearse using... Read more

Understanding Institutionalized Oppression: Protecting Young People From Prejudice Through Knowledge and Skills

Irene’s note: I have been writing the article below as a chapter for our forthcoming book, “Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at all Levels.” In the aftermath of the racist murders in Charleston South Carolina, I decided to release this work-in-progress now. We at Kidpower work to empower people to stay safe in the moment as much as possible, even in the face of physical or emotional attacks. This can be even more difficult when prejudice is involved, and that is a... Read more

Be Safety Nets, Parachutes, and Guides – Not Smothering Blankets

*Finding the balance between necessary protection and harmful overprotection is an important challenge for every parent.* The Overprotected Kid, an in-depth article in The Atlantic Monthly by author and national correspondent Hanna Rosin, raises thought-provoking points about how parental fear of children experiencing any risks can cause kids to have less fun playing than they used to and might be making them less capable of thinking for themselves. She describes a playground in the UK called... Read more

Analyzing camp safety concerns: Spence’s Farm

How should parents analyze the safety of potential summer camps and programs for their kids? What are the positive signs, or on the other hand, red flags and dealbreakers to look out for? There is an emerging story in my home town that is a troubling case study. Before we get into this specific story, I’ll recap some of my core principles of camp safety, which are also discussed in detail in last summer’s camp safety blog post. I believe that all youth-serving programs must be... Read more

Halloween Safety – The Kidpower Way!

Halloween Safety – The Kidpower Way! A Grab Bag of Safety Treats and Tricks for Your Family! For families that celebrate Halloween, this is a special holiday, full of fun and adventure. Most children love the excitement of dressing up in costumes, pretending to be something or someone different, going to places that are festive and decorated, and gathering treats with their adults. Halloween isn’t like any other day, and all the wonderful things that make it special and exciting can also... Read more

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