Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

4. Use and provide Kidpower skills for emotional and physical safety

Kidpower post-election safety tip #4: Use and provide Kidpower skills for emotional and physical safety Learn, teach, and coach social and physical safety skills, such as how to: speak up in ways that are both powerful and respectful; manage your emotional triggers; protect yourself from verbal and physical attacks; recognize and leave an unsafe situation; set boundaries about unsafe or disrespectful behavior; respect the boundaries of others; and get help when you need it. Rehearse using... Read more

Kidpower success story: a lost child stays calm and gets help

Many times this blog addresses news about major safety crises, but in our work at Kidpower, Irene and I love to celebrate everyday success stories. Each time a child stays safer using Kidpower, we are reminded that our work is practical, helpful and valuable. We are proud of this new Kidpower success story from our North Carolina Center. A mother whose eight-year-old daughter took a Kidpower workshop about two years ago wrote in: “I wanted to tell you about a recent incident that... Read more

After Catholic Church, Penn State, Boy Scouts revelations–are we finally on the verge of a great awakening about sexual abuse?

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.” –Ayn Rand I am not an Ayn Rand fan but this morning I keep thinking about her quote. It is appropriate for today’s news as we take a look at sexual abuse that was covered up for years. Last week, by court order, the Boy Scouts of America released their decades’ worth of secret “perversion files” that contained reports of thousands of instances of child sexual abuse... Read more