Protecting Child Safety at All Levels of Society

Summer Safety: Kidpower’s 8 Questions to Ask When Planning a Playdate

Long, long ago, my best friend as a young child was my next door neighbor. We would go freely back and forth to each other’s homes, playing vivid imaginary games, being animals, princesses, and magical creatures of all kinds. Unfortunately, we often left our younger siblings out – or forced them to be the enemies who always lost or the maids who always did all the dirty work. And once in a while, we did something that I would never have allowed my own kids to do because it was just... Read more

Elliot Rodger’s rage: taking our social script to a violent extreme

My grief about Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara killing rampage takes me to an almost wordless place. But I think it’s important to find my voice and try to address it. Two distinct perspectives on the topic of masculinity and socialization came together today that make sense to me. It just happens that today was the day that I needed to watch a TEDx talk by Joe Ehrmann of Coach for America. Erhmann talks about three words that are one of the most culturally destructive mandates in... Read more

White House Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault: Now is our best opportunity for progress and change

We are at a crossroads moment to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The combination of bottom-up pressure from grassroots activists, many of them assault survivors themselves who have courageously stepped forward, and top-down leadership from the Department of Education and White House has created a unique moment for reform in the area of campus sexual assault. We know that bold action and improvement is vitally needed, as one in five women will experience sexual assault during her... Read more

Join the Kidpower 30-skill Challenge in partnership with Doing Right by Our Kids is proud to partner with Kidpower to offer the “Kidpower 30-skill challenge,” a weekly safety tip or skill, delivered to you by email. Just sign up to receive our newsletter, and you will receive the Kidpower 30-skill challenge, as well as access to important safety information contained in our Digital Library. My co-author Irene van der Zande and I are working hard to create more new featured resources that apply to specific... Read more

Launching new resources in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we are using this occasion to share new resources with our Doing Right by Our Kids readers. We are relaunching our Doing Right by Our Kids newsletter by sharing the Kidpower 30-skill challenge with our subscribers. So when you sign up to receive to our newsletter, you’ll receive one Kidpower safety skill per week, plus other important safety information (but never more than two emails a week from us). Throughout April and beyond we will... Read more

Be Safety Nets, Parachutes, and Guides – Not Smothering Blankets

*Finding the balance between necessary protection and harmful overprotection is an important challenge for every parent.* The Overprotected Kid, an in-depth article in The Atlantic Monthly by author and national correspondent Hanna Rosin, raises thought-provoking points about how parental fear of children experiencing any risks can cause kids to have less fun playing than they used to and might be making them less capable of thinking for themselves. She describes a playground in the UK called... Read more

Viral video of Mom teaching her daughter to say “NO!” makes us smile: Kidpower skills can help make us even safer

In a sweet, funny “Mother teaches daughter about stranger danger” video from Korea that went viral, a darling little girl is learning from her mother to say, “No!” in case a stranger offers her a cookie, an ice cream cone, or a trip to the swimming pool. Knowing how and when to say, “NO!” is important, and I love that this child is learning joyfully how to use her power. I would also love for her family to know and practice the Kidpower skills of: Stay... Read more

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